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Record Heat Today, Much Cooler Tomorrow
Published 6/26/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie
The first major heat wave of the year is living up to the hype! Portland and Salem hit 98 and 101 respectively yesterday, and today, they simply switched highs. According to Mike Newman (a fellow weather buff from the Portland area), today's high of 101 at the Portland Int'l Airport was just 1 degree below the all-time June high of 102. Thankfully, temperatures will come crashing back down to Earth for everyone west of the Cascades tomorrow courtesy of a strong marine push, and by Tuesday, most areas should be sitting near or even slightly below their average temperatures for this time of year. A look from NASA's TERRA satellite shows a layer of low stratus developing along the coast, and today's visible satellite loop shows this layer slowly moving northward. Layers like these form... read more ❯

2017 First Big Heatwave This Weekend
Published 6/23/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl
It's Friday and the first major heat event of the season, is on for the Pacific Northwest. The last few days the Desert Southwest has been suffering from record-setting heat, with temps of 120 degrees F or hotter in a few places and quite a few all-time records. Luckily we will only get a "glancing blow" of hot air in the PNW this time around, not a week-long stretch of temps 95-110. Furthermore, the heat will be most 'impressive' over Southern and Western Oregon. Not *quite* as dramatic, relatively speaking, for those of us eastside. A thermal trough with NE offshore flow arrived in Brookings yesterday, giving the airport there a high of 100 followed by overnight temps in the 80s. That's usually the "canary sign" that a big dry heatwave is about to break out for Western Oregon and Washington. Today with offshore flow, both Portland... read more ❯

Record Heat This Weekend?
Published 6/22/2017 in Charlie's Weather Author Charlie
By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the record heat in California and the Desert Southwest. On Sunday, San Francisco obliterated its previous heat record of 86 degrees with an unbelievable 97-degree high, and yesterday, Palm Springs reached an egg-frying 122 degrees! Phoenix even had to cancel nearly 50 flights yesterday due to the heat. So far, the Pacific Northwest has escaped this record-breaking heat wave. But that will change this weekend! The chart above shows the current 500 hPa geopotential height and the geopotential height anomalies. If you don't know what "geopotential" means, don't fret... for these purposes, the physical difference between geopotential and geometric height is negligible. Geopotential height is simply the geometric height adjusted for changes in the Earth's gravitational field due to variations in latitude and surface elevation, and meteorologists use it because it simplifies their equations. As... read more ❯

Happy Beginning Of Summer! (Or Midsummer! Or just the Solstice!)
Published 6/20/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl
At 9:24pm Pacific Daylight Time tonight, the Sun will reach its northernmost point of the ecliptic - the crest of the "seasonal sine wave." Beginning tomorrow, and continuing through December, the amount of solar energy entering earth's Northern Hemisphere will begin to decrease. The change will be almost negligible for the next few weeks, but by August we'll be able to notice the darkness of night encroaching on our world once more. Depending on your definition of the seasons, it's either the beginning of summertime or the midpoint - or neither! Here are the three definitions: It is the midpoint of Solar Summer, which runs from May 5 through August 6 in the Northern Hemisphere. Solar Seasons are based exclusively on strong vs. weak sun angle, and late June is when the sun is strongest. The summer solstice is the beginning of Astronomical Summer. ... read more ❯

Deep Marine Push in Gorge Yesterday & Today
Published 6/14/2017 in The Dalles Weather Blog Author Karl
Hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we were talking about 99-degree heat over Memorial Day Weekend. A deep marine layer and "June Gloom" has settled in over the Pacific Northwest. Two days ago there was snow at Crater Lake as a chilly low-pressure moved through southern Oregon. That opened the door to a heavy surge of west wind yesterday, as the low exited to the east. The peak gust was 47 mph at the airport in Dallesport - but I'm sure somebody in the local area felt a 50-mph gust at one point or another. The weather station at Maryhill DID report a 52 mph gust yesterday, but they're usually slightly windier than DLS during these minor 'storms'. All in all, yesterday was pretty similar to July 12, 2010 and July 7, 2011. Lots of twigs and a few medium-sized branches... read more ❯