Our Vision

Nobody knows the weather of a region better than those who live there. Unfortunately, there currently is not a centralized, easily accessible network for weather enthusiasts to share their knowledge and love of the skies with the communities they live in. WeatherTogether seeks to fill this glaring hole in weather communication, outreach, and collaboration.

WeatherTogether is a diverse and interconnected network of local weather blogs created by users who aspire to provide their communities with a variety of weather and science content. By sourcing weather information and forecasts from local meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, viewers get detailed discussions about their local weather in a manner that is not available in a brief newscast or automated computer forecast.


Why blog with us?

  • Represent Your Community: Weathertogether empowers weather enthusiasts by giving them a community platform to blog about what they know best. Develop an online presence and be the person your community turns to for local weather knowledge.
  • Get More Readers: WeatherTogether gives bloggers much more exposure than other platforms because since their blogs and sites are shared with the entire WeatherTogether network.
  • Collaborate With Others: WeatherTogether is a social and professional network that connects you with other contributors across the world and has active user-driven community projects under development.
  • Get Noticed: WeatherTogether has close ties with the Seattle National Weather Service, University of Washington, and many media outlets in the Pacific Northwest. Become a blogger and you will become noticed!
  • Blog With Style: WeatherTogether uses the WordPress CMS (content management system) and has a far more robust blogging interface than any other weather website around.
  • No Degree? No Problem! You do not need to be a meteorologist to start a blog. All you need to do is have a passion for the weather.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Your Local Weather: Weather discussions that focus on a single area are rare. By sourcing local weather information from those who live there, viewers get detailed weather forecasts and analysis for their area that cannot be found in brief a 2 ½ minute TV weathercast. This is especially important for rural areas which are rarely covered in detail by major news outlets.
  • Variety of Content: Our contributors come from many different backgrounds, live in all over the country, and blog about a variety of different topics. Whether you want to know about the inch of snow that snarled Seattle or weird clouds off the coast of Namibia, chances are you can find it on WeatherTogether.
  • Connect with Others: WeatherTogether is, quite literally, a “community in the clouds.” Connect with bloggers and viewers alike by using BuddyPress, a social media suite integrated into the website. We also have real-time chat to foster general weather discussion and provide our viewers with immediate answers to all their questions!

Though we have many ambitious ideas for the future, we are just in the beginning stages of generating a user base and are looking for people interested in blogging about the weather. If this sounds like you, register now, and write your first blog today!